A Lot of Detail Work On This Home in West Greenwich, RI

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We finished up this new home in West Greenwich, RI today. There were a lot of little details that the homeowner was looking for and Gutter Pro was up to the task with this gutter system. Half round seamless white aluminum gutters were installed with shank and circle hangers. Radius endcaps were used at the ends of all of the gutters. Round smooth copper downspouts were installed and all of the joints were soldered.

Beautiful Radius Copper Gutter by Gutter Pro-Newton, MA

radius gutter radius gutter newton

Gutter Pro finished up this beautiful home in Newton, MA. A custom manufactured radius copper gutter was installed to replace the old wood gutter that had failed. The end result is a system that will last another 100 years.

Radius Copper Gutter Installed by Gutter Pro-Chatham, MA

radius gutter radius copper gutter
Gutter Pro recently completed installation of a radius copper gutter on this condominium in Chatham, MA. Rather than use small sections of gutter to “miter” around this curved area of fascia, Gutter Pro custom fabricated a radius copper gutter to follow the curved fascia perfectly.

Lead Coated Copper Seamless Gutter by Gutter Pro-Edgartown/Matha’s Vineyard

lead coated copper gutter marthas vineyard by gutter pro

This beautiful new guest house was constructed by Bannon Custom Builders of Sandwich, MA in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. The architect and general contractor spared no expense on every detail of the project and the gutters were no exception. Gutters were only designed to be used above critical areas and rather than go with a standard white aluminum gutter, it was decided to go with a lead coated copper k-style seamless gutter system installed by Gutter Pro. ┬áIn the end, the project is something that the architect, Bannon Custom Builders, Gutter Pro and most importantly, the owner can be proud of.

Four Disadvantages of Aluminum Rain Gutters – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com

This article presents some very valid concerns with aluminum gutters. Copper and steel are much harder and resist denting more than aluminum gutters. Aluminum can also deteriorate when in close proximity to more noble metals such as copper that may be used for drip edges, roof caps or flashing.

Typically, basic seamless gutters also need to be maintained with cleanings to prevent the system from becoming clogged which can lead to damage and exterior trim rot on the the home or water in the basement. There are aluminum gutters on the market that eliminate the cleaning chore such as the Englert Leafguard gutters system. It is a one piece covered seamless gutter that is guaranteed not to clog or we clean it for free.

Expansion of an aluminum gutter has been a accepted contributor to gutter failure. Gutters with seams develop leaks over time and seamless gutters can become distorted and loosen as the home expands and contracts. SnapLock gutter systems from Gutter Pro eliminate the issue of expansion and contraction on an seamless aluminum gutter and minimize the potential for water seepage behind the gutter which can lead to rotted fascia and trim.

Four Disadvantages of Aluminum Rain Gutters – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com.